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What people are saying about us

Here are some the benefits that many of our clients have enjoyed from using our Products and Services.

Janice Cleghorn

Has been a vital member of Beauty for You since we commenced operations in 1999.  Her passion for our business has never waivered and I rely on her input when we are planning new ideas and developments - she is one of our "human testers!".  Janice has a wonderful eye for Colour and Style and has been a valuable contributor to the preparation of our Beauty for You Style Portfolio Janice is a shining example of how you can build a successful business at home to fit in with your personal lifestyle, her relaxed manner and wealth of knowledge is appreciated from her fellow consultants and customers alike. 

My Beauty for you Consultancy Business:

I joined the company of Beauty for You Ltd in 1999 having been a Colour Makeup and Skincare consultant since 1989

Beauty for you was company that was ahead of the field in many aspects and owned a colour system that is “Second to none in the world “. Realising that everyone was individual in their natural skin, hair and eye colour combination and shouldn’t be given a generic palette of colours that supposedly suited all people in that season an individual and Unique Colour and Style system was developed and I knew it had superseded all other Analysis systems.

Beauty for You supplies all the Professional tools for my Business and Fran who is a known, “Trail Blazer”  continues  to research, mentor, develop teach and train consultants so they are the best in the business.

A very big part of my business is repeat customers who I have analysed colours makeup and skincare for. They love the fact that I have supplied them with a beautiful range that suits their natural skin tone and can be purchased from me, and I  love the fact that Beauty for You have a range of colour cosmetics co ordinated  for Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring making selection easy.

I am passionate about ingredients and proud of the Professional, Highest Quality, Unique product lines that fit into my philosophy of Natural, and effective.  The Skincare Essentials range with 100% Pure Aromatherapy essential oils and Botanical extracts and  100% Hand made from naturally derived ingredients in New Zealand and not tested on Animals. The Botanicals range being 100% Natural, 100% Vegan, 100% New Zealand Made, Plant Based and not tested on Animals.   Pure Skin Food that works to give a healthy glow.

Over the years I have developed and honed my skills through taking opportunities to learn everything about colour, makeup and developing your own personal Style.  My Business is all about giving people positive experiences and some of the services offered are:

Personal Colour Analysis Personal Style Analysis and Courses                          mastercopy-copy.jpg

Hair colour consultations

Makeup Artistry Tuition

Brow Shaping, Skincare and Skin Therapy

Wedding and Special occasion Makeup

Guest speaker, Presentations

Personal shopping for wardrobe and eye glasses

Today’s women are amazing, they don’t want to “grow old gracefully”, they want to stay fit, healthy and look fabulous all the time. I truly believe knowing your best colours and the style gives you the confidence and look to do whatever your heart desires.  Having a consultation will be the best investment in you that you will ever make.

Janice Cleghorn Senior Team Leader Wanaka NZ


Sheryl Stone is one of our Senior Consultants and has been a loyal and supportive member of the Beauty for You team.sheryl-portrait-jeremy.jpg

Sheryl was given her first sewing machine at the age of seven, as she was always creating, by hand, clothes for her doll. By the time she reached High School, she was awarded Top Student for Home Science & Clothing, for three consecutive years. She went on to create many fashion garments including wedding gowns and opened her own Fashion Boutique. She continued in this field and taught in Summer School at BYU in Hawaii. Sheryl has won many awards for her designs and has had her work printed in Sew Beautiful magazine.

With Fashion and Design came the desire to show her collections and this opened up makeup, hair styling, catwalk and photographic modelling.

She received the Outstanding Student Award, from Waikato School of Elegance and was Queen of Diamonds for Stroud’s Jewellers.

A number of her accomplishments include Miss Waikato and Miss Northern Districts Pastoral Princess, Womanhood Recognition Award, Bride of the Year and a Flight attendant with a national carrier.

Sheryl has always had a desire to improve, this lead her to Beauty for You, a business that she loves, as it ticked all the boxes of her life experiences. Now able to help women through her own business, "Style Solutions," with the support and training from Beauty for You, Sheryl provides personal consultancy in Colours, Shapewear, Makeup, Natural Skin Care products, and Style, she also conducts workshops in each of these fields.

With her passion for Colour and Design, Sheryl, along with Janice has been a major contributor to the preparation and presentation of Beauty for You’s  - Style by Beauty for You Portfolio, and we appreciate all she does to support the company.


 Sheryl Stone - Natural by Dezine® Skin Care 

For the last 15 years I have used the Beauty for You natural products and I was very happy with my skin. Since ordering from the new range I have been so impressed with the new natural products. The product I ordered is wonderful and I noticed in a couple of days my skin was softer and more supple. I love the Botanicals Jojoba Anti-Aging Serum. It has done wonders for my face and then I rub it on my hands and nails and they are looking great, but the most amazing thing is that I then rub my hands through my hair and it looks so good!!!  

I had surgery recently and the scar was healing slowly and the skin was dry and tight. I concentrated on putting the Botanicals Jojoba Anti-Aging Serum on my operation wound and yesterday I applied it 4 or 5 times during the day and you would not believe the difference today. The skin is supple and there is no pulling which allows me more movement.

I use the Botanicals Hydrate Body Moisturiser on my body and legs and it is healing the itchy patches on my legs. My skin is smoother and softer. 

Sheryl Stone Senior Consultant - Auckland 


Beauty for You Coaching Academy

What changes has Beauty for You made to my life? Being in the business with Fran has made a huge impact on my life. Since joining the business it has been and exciting, stimulating, inspirational journey. The rewards are many - professional development, financial rewards and through Fran's leadership, coaching and support - it has given me the confidence to build a business of my own.

The Beauty for You business is truly a company that "Helps people Help other people" and this is one of the most satisfying feelings, knowing you can make a difference to someone else's life. Not only do you feel the love and pride working in a business, but it is a company where you can attain your goals and aspirations and I continue to be inspired by where this business can lead you to.

Janice Cleghorn - Beauty for You - Senior Team Leader


Natural by Dezine® Skin Care

Hi to all you "ready to be converted" questers of pure, natural Skin Care products.

Do I have your attention yet?

I hope so, because not that long ago I was one of you, spending lots of money, time and effort trying to source that very thing. I wanted skin care products that did not cost me the earth and lasted longer than a tube of toothpaste. Products that were not tested on animals, that do not contain nasty preservatives, but instead have ingredients that I can read, that are pure, natural and actually do what they claim.

Fortunately, and by pure chance I was introduced to Fran and her gorgeous Beauty for You  products. I seriously have not looked back. I am of Maori heritage, in my mid forties and at the time of introduction to Fran had a very dark pigmentation that covered most of my forehead and a few, dare I say it, spots. Fran gave me a skincare consultation, talked me through her product range and with her recommendation I purchased a Microdermabrasion, Retinol Anti Aging Moisturiser, Cleansing Toner and the most gorgeous to wear, liquid foundation. I am amazed and continue to benefit from these lovely products. My skin glows, the pigment has all but cleared, the texture of my skin has improved immensely and the aroma of the products is divine to wear. These products really are a pleasure to use. I have since added the Wet/Dry foundation, mascara, eye shadows, lip pencils and lipstick products to my ensemble and been equally delighted with the results.

Then there are the facials, OMG I never want them to end, French Tips that last and last. Fran works her magic in every session and every time I leave looking and feeling a million dollars. When your man notices when you get home, it has got to be good. I even succumbed and had my colours done, best thing I ever did. From a girl who wore mostly black, white and grey, I now feel confident with a wardrobe enriched in colour.

Thank you Fran for everything and if anyone would like to contact me to check that I am a real person like them? Feel free, Fran has my details. With thanks and love of your products and what you do.

Lee Young - Christchurch


Natural by Dezine® Skin Care

I had used the same product on my skin for years, so it was a big step to change. Results have all been positive. The gentleness of all the product meant no problems with my sensitive skin. I have seen reduced redness, and a marked reduction in any dehydration, which has brought overall results of a more balanced skin.

The fact that Natural by Dezine® products are made from natural ingredients and made in New Zealand was what initially encouraged me to try them. In my business I have found this is certainly a major selling point to clients. Once they try it, they are never disappointed.

Dianna Sellars - Salon owner - New Definition - Owaka


Natural by Dezine® Skin Care

I started my journey with Beauty for You in 2008. Since being introduced to the Natural by Dezine® Essentials Skin Care Range, I use nothing else. IT IS EVERYTHING WE NEED, LADIES!  My husband uses it too! As a Beauty for You Colour and Makeup Consultant I find it very important to know and experience the product before I recommend to everyone else.

Zita Matthews - Skin Care, Colour, Beauty and Style Consultant - Te Anau


Coaching Academy - Natural by Dezine® Skin Care

I have been with Jeunique and then Beauty for You since Fran began in 1999. I have attended many training sessions and you couldn't ask for any better - the guidance and encouragement that you get from Fran and her team. The Products have always been top of the line and I have loved using them. The new line of Skin Care (Natural by Dezine®) had a lot to live up to, but I can honestly say they are fantastic. I just love using them and had comments from people I did not know while in Singapore recently how lovely my skin looked.

I am encouraged to get out there now and let others experience this wonderful new Natural by Dezine® Skin Care range.

Valerie Jones - Skin Care, Colour, Beauty and Style Consultant - Hedgehope, Southland.


Beauty for You Coaching Academy - Consultant

Fran - You make me feel good. You never criticize me even when I make a mistake. You answer my questions - even when I call on a Saturday night when I have a client and need help! You are not afraid to ask for advice from others and listen to what is being said with an open heart, then take on board any suggestions you feel will benefit the company or the people you work with. You keep in touch by phone, email and webcasts. There is always product on my doorstep when I order. You believe in what you are doing and the products and programs you are selling. You are enthusiastic, hard worker, very professional and I love all your new ideas. Your mind is consistently working towards improving things - all in all you are a very nice person.

Sheryl Stone - Senior Beauty for You Consultant - Auckland


Beauty for You Coaching Academy

I trained under Fran at the Beauty Academy in Christchurch. They had just moved the business home due to the earthquakes. The same positive attitude and perseverance I saw in Fran and Neville during this time I see in the running the business. Fran is an excellent tutor, creating a very comfortable, but professional environment. All the resource that is provided by way of training manuals and other marketing tools is excellent. I highly recommend this Academy to anyone setting up a business, or just wanting to up skill in new areas and provide their clients with more options of healthier more Natural products.

I didn't just gain new skills I have a friend and business mentor who I am very grateful to for her continued support and encouragement. This is a company that puts people first.

Dianna Sellars - Salon Owner - New Defination - Owaka


Coaching Academy - Master Class

Towards the end of last year I became very ill and had lost my energy and enthusiasm for my business.

I recently attended Master Classes in Beauty with Fran in Christchurch and just being with the other ladies and with Fran's gentle persuasion I have completely had a turn around.

Fran is very understanding and also a great motivator... which is very much what I needed!!

Since returning home I have registered for 2 Expos, signed up for a six week advertising campaign which includes an advertorial, had new glossy business cards printed, renewed my yellow pages advertisement, and have been asked to do a talk out at a local gym Oh, and I am off to a networking group next week.

If I had not attended Fran's Master Classes I am sure I would still be moping around feeling sorry for myself... so "Thank You, Fran" ... You are a great inspiration to all of us.

Love and affection, Diane

Diane Dines - Beauty for You - Colour and Beauty Specialist - Tauranga


Coaching Academy - Master Class

"I had the privilege of spending four wonderful days in Christchurch for a refresher - Master Class with all the wonderful products that Beauty for You have." It was wonderful to reconnect with friends I have met in previous years and encourage each other. Time was spent talking about all the charges over the past few years and where things are today. Fran talked about new approaches to marketing and the use of the internet. It was all very helpful and inspiring. Websites and the internet are a great way to go.

I love the new Natural by Dezine© Skin Care range Fran has developed. What fantastic products and awesome results. Right up to the minute with the latest trends in skin care, the Bee Venom products are amazing. All products are natural and carrying the "Made in New Zealand " logo How special is that!

The Makeup Range is a wonderful compliment to our great colour analysis system. Our time together reignited my passion for our products and belief in the great business opportunity they provide. Thank you Fran and Neville, for all your hard work and keeping on when you could have given up in the face of so many challenges".

Lyn Williams - Beauty for You Beauty Specialist - Dunedin 

Florida from Canada - (Personal Colour by Dezine Colour Palette) Fran, thank you very much! my life is more colourful now. I recommend you to my friends, with respect Florida 

Svetlana from Russia -(Personal Colour by Dezine Colour Palette) Dear Fran, I am grateful to you for sending me this extremely useful and lovingly decorated palette! I hop that with this tool I will be much more confident while choosing clothing.  A special thank you for a beautiful scarf!  I will definitely find a place for it in my look.  With all my heart I wish you lots of success and many satisfied customers! Warm Regards, Svetlana

Lena from Israel - (Personal Colour by Dezine Colour Palette) Very good morning Fran, I got the package in my hands.  It is so beautiful, every piece of the package - just wow! and of course many thanks for the lovely scarf!  Such unexpected present totally made my day.  So now I am well equipped to look good!! Best regards, Lena 

Shannon from Canada - I just got my Style Portfolio in the mail today!  I'm very happy with it thanks!  It has tons of information that I'm sure will be extremely helpful to use when I'm shopping! 

 I do think I was categorized exactly right too! (Curvilinear body lines, and oblong contoured face.) I know I will love using this portfolio to find all my best styles, along with my color palette.  It's all great thanks. :)

Deb from United Kingdom - (Style Portfolio)Well, what can I say! What a fabulous portfolio you have!!! Thank you so so much for sending it me! I am honoured and really enjoyed it! There was so many excellent points within it... it could/should be published into a book! :)

I especially loved it's format, so you could make your own notes straight onto it. I also really enjoyed all the thought provoking questions... in fact, I would have enjoyed even more of these, to make it even more interactive! I found it incredibly helpful to answer the questions, they were all relevant and extremely helpful.  It is exceptionally well written, a real joy to read as it is not taxing at all as the lay out is so perfect.

I learnt things myself such as belts cracking if they were rolled up, I'd never heard of the rule of 80% tops 20% bottoms (I LOVED this!!), loved the hem length advice, thinking about your wardrobe / removing your items and thinking of it like a charity shop... and therefore "would I buy" - such brilliant advice!! I can't wait to do this! I also especially loved the planning your wardrobe principles and analysing your wardrobe sections. I loved how timeless the advice was. The advice on tights was also excellent (again... thing usually missed in books!). It was all brilliant Fran.

Yelena from Israel - Best attitude I ever got!  It took a while until I got my package - we went through some postal issues, and during all the correspondence Fran made me feel good even there were issues.  Excellent service and when I finally got my package - it was sooooo nicely packed, with personal hand-written card, small sweet purse for the palette, (very, very useful!) and an unexpected gift - wonderful scarf in my colours from the palette!  I love it! Thank you very much, Fran!

Lena Zhaburtovich - Israel - Yes, got the package in my hands!  It is so beautiful, every piece of the package  - just WOW! And of course many thanks for the lovely scarf!! Such unexpected present totally made my day :)  So now I am well equipped to look good!!!

Svetlana Terenia - Russia I am grateful to you for sending me this extremely useful and lovelingly directed palette!  I hope that with this tool I will be much more confident while choosing clothing!  A Special thank you for a beautiful scarf!  I will definitely find a place for it in my look.  With all my heart I wish you lots of success and many satisfied customers!  Warm regards, Svetlana



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