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Colour Analysis





Our specialised Beauty for You Colour by Dezine® Personal Colour Analysis Consultation - consists of an analysis with Skin Print Powders, Hue Level Drapes, Seasonal Drapes – followed by a selection of special coordinate colours to correctly match your personal  SKIN, HAIR AND EYE COLOUR in degrees of Tone, - Light, True, Vivid or Contrasting. Followed by Seasonal Colour Drape selection.  All complimented by our advanced computer technology which will identify your very best Personal Colours. With our unique accurate Colour by Dezine® Colour analysis system you will also receive a personal palette of 40 colours – especially for you. Colour is a “no cost item” and it gives you confidence to project your own personal style.  We have over 15,000 possible palettes in our system – your colours are unique to you!

By having your personal Colour by Dezine® Personal Palette with you when you shop – your palette makes it so easy! You will find you are not purchasing items that do not suit you and end up taking up space in your wardrobe. 

Through our unique "Discover your Colours" app - you will be able to order your personal palette on line, however, if you have the opportunity of a personal consultation with one of our Colour Specialists, she will supply you with the information or order your palette for you. 

What difference does it make to you wearing your best personal colours?? 

The right colour will: 

  • Add Radiance to your complexion, hair and eyes
  • Makes the whites of eyes and teeth look brighter
  • Smooth out small lines and wrinkles
  • Hide shadows under the eyes
  • Minimise any imperfections
  • Wearing your correct colours means you will look younger and more radiant
  • NO dress, hairstyle or makeup can achieve the radiance created by your own personal colours.

The wrong colour will:

  • Accentuate lines and wrinkles
  • Darken and dull the complexion
  • Give yellow tinge to the complexion
  • Emphasize shadows under the eyes and make them look darker
  • Harden the features and age the face
  • Accentuate any redness of the skin
  • Accentuate blemishes or imperfections
  • Give a tired unhealthy appearance ♥ To look great – it is time for a Colour By Dezine® Personal colour consultation!





What is my undertone?  Am I warm or cool??      


The advantage of knowing what colours look best on you and what shades of makeup you can wear to enhance your own colouring. Choosing the right colours for your skin tone is an important part of the beauty process.  Wearing the wrong tones of makeup or clothing can make even the healthiest skin look sickly. 
Every person has a natural undertone – either pink or blue – which is Cool or yellow and gold which is Warm





Our “Discover your Colours” app will assist you in this process….

We have prepared an easy Step by Step process  to guide you with your season selection –
Our Colour by Dezine® Analysis is  - based on your personal Skin Hair and Eye colour..








You have a pinkish cast to your skin.
You have more blue veins than green on your inner wrist. You burn easily in the sun, but will tan in time.

Cool toned people look best in jewel tones such as vibrant emerald (blue based green) royal or icy blues, jewel tones, rosy pinks, purples, violets, magenta, burgundy, deep blue based and cheery reds plums silver and pure white.

Because you are cool your colours in clothes need to be blue based.

Foundation colours Pink and Neutral based.


  You have a greenish cast to your skin. You have more green veins than blue on your inner wrist and they are deeper under the skin.
You freckle in the sun.

Warm toned individuals tend to look alive and healthy while wearing earthy colours, such as oranges, bronzes, peaches, corals, brick reds, earthly greens, mocha browns, ivory and gold.

Because you are yellow based your colours in clothes need to be also yellow based.

Foundation colours Yellow and Peach based.

Please Note: Olive skin tones appear golden or greenish gold and these people usually tan well. They may have very sallow complexions, no noticeable pink in their cheeks, therefore warm colours only accentuate the olive tones—this is not flattering the majority of Olive skin tones are Cool—do the skin test yourself with a cool and warm based foundation and blusher and see which flatters you the best.




Discover my Season

Summer Season

Your overall colouring is the most delicate and understated of all the seasons. Your summer season tells you your colouring is soft, cool, muted and refined.  Your COLOURS  are slightly grayed or softened with blue undertones.

Skin: Tones will be soft pink, beige or rose beige.  
Hair: Summers usually have a soft look which comes from the combination of Pearly Silver Grey, Ash Blonde, Grey blonde, Ash brown, Light Brunette hair.
Eye: Colours range from soft Azure and soft Aqua Blue, Powdery Grey or deep and intense.  Jewel Green from soft Sea Foam to Deep Water turquoise.  Also Green, or soft Grey Green and even dark muted Green, Green Umber. Muted  Brown to deep Rose Brown can also be found in this season.  
Colours for Summers think colours of the late summer garden—Sweet pea colours, Pinks, Lavenders, Periwinkles, Dusty Roses.  These muted hues give great elegance.  Soft Cocoa, Rose Brown, soft Wine and Taupe are also good along with a host of Green Turquoise, Aqua and Blue shades.




Winter Season

Your overall colouring is cool and striking.  Your colours are dark and intense, light and icy or bright and pure.
Skin: The cool skin has pink and blue undertones– can be ivory, clear Olive or cool Beige.
Hair: A Winter will usually have darker hair (unless they are now Grey).
Eye: Colours may be deep Brown, Hazel, Grey Brown and Olive, jewel Green, deep forest Green to mint and grey Green. Steel Grey to Teal and deep Turquoise.  
All deep eye colours are possible.
Winters best colours are sharp and clear.  White, Black, Navy Blue, Red and Shocking Pink all go well with Winter complexions.  For lighter colours wear icy tones rather than pastels.  Dare to wear contrasting colours like Black and White.  You are the only type that looks good in Black and pure White, but be sure not to wear them too often as you look fabulous in COLOUR!

For jewellery, Silver is your colour, unless you have a Brown or Hazel eye and you can also wear soft 9ct gold.




Spring  Season

Spring season tell you that your colouring is Warm, vibrant and active.  Your COLOURS are clear, crisp with Golden undertone.  Neutrals have a touch of Gold.
This season is usually clear and contrasting meaning there is a striking contrast between richly-coloured hair, bright eyes and pale skin.

Skin: is usually translucent in porcelain Ivory, Peaches and Cream or clear Beige tones, may have freckles.

Hair: Springs may have Golden Blonde, medium to dark Brown hair often with Auburn highlights.

Eye: Colours can be strong jewel like Blue-green. Aqua's, Steel Grey Blue, Violet, Blue and soft Turquoise. Emerald, Olive and Moss Green and Golden Brown.
You look good in contrasts such as Ivory with Dark Navies, Greys are not flattering.  Clear colours—think Hawaii with the colours of the sea.  You can wear colours like Camel, Peach, Golden Yellow—light colours look best on you.

The difference between Spring and Autumn is the chroma—or the saturation of the colours.  Springs need clear warm colours—Autumns need muted warm Colours.  Wear your stunning reds and jewellery is Gold and Bronze.




Autumn Season

Skin: Tones are Creamy or Golden Ivory, Peach Pink, Ivory and Apricot or Soft to Tan Beige.
Hair: Colours range from Soft Golden Blonde to light Brown or Sandy Grey, Rich Honey, Strawberry Blonde to Chestnut Brown.  Medium to Deep Browns some with Red Highlights. Golden Red, Rich Auburn.
Eyes: Are Topaz, Hazel, - some of the dark Browns, Warm Green, Moss to Green Umber. Blue,  Deep Indigo and Violet, soft Turquoise or deep Teal or brilliant Aqua.
Colours for you—think Autumn leaves and choose that Golden theme, jazzing up Coffee, Camel, Khaki, Rust and Bronze, with rich contrast shades like Golden Yellow, Mustard, Orange, Persimmon Red, Turquoise or Purple.  Wear your stunning Reds but must have a Golden Yellow undertones.  Your jewellery is Bronze and Gold.  



Looking good has never been so easy


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