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 Who are we and what we are doing, Beauty for You, what beauty for you is doing

                  Fran - Director                                  Neville  - Administrator with Bella and Cindy                     Bonita  - "The Face of Beauty"

Beauty for You - Looking Good Has Never Been So Easy … and we love what we do. 

We have been involved in the "beauty world" for a very long time and can rightly say it is in our blood. Beauty for You is a husband and wife team working side by side - we have been in home based business for all our married life, however for the majority of this period Neville also had a career in the corporate world, before taking an early retirement which enabled him to increase his support for Fran, in her "beauty world". So we know the benefits both personally and financially of a lifestyle where work, leisure, and family are balanced.  

Fran's entry into the "beauty world" began at the time of the makeup revolution when natural skin care came onto the market and quickly became the preferred products for face and body application. This makeup revolution was initially promoted through the direct selling business model, where Fran was involved for many years. Add her background in hairdressing, teaching, love of colour and makeup, ensured she had a "total beauty" perspective to all matters beauty. From the time of purchasing her first makeup kit to developing todays hi-tec "Discover your Colours" with each client's personal Skin, Hair and Eye colour - seasonal colour analysis system, Fran has done her best to continue this makeup revolution and ensure that Beauty for You offers products that allow all our clients, to enjoy the "total beauty" concept.

Fran believes implicitly that colour is the key to achieving the "total beauty" look, as it stimulates, is conceptually interesting, visually stunning and mentally soothing. We are very confident that you will be excited with the "total beauty" concept when applied to yourself and will become as dedicated as ourselves to the "Wonderful World of Colour."

We also believe your journey with Beauty for You will be both rewarding and fun. 


From Our Roots to 2015 and Beyond

Our history goes back to the late sixties with the establishment of our first Modelling and Deportment School in Invercargill, which was followed by schools in Dunedin and Christchurch. The progression into beauty products and services, product training and business mentoring followed, which led to the dedicated coaching academy and supply company, to cater for our many consultants and beauty professionals.

With the desire to supply superior products that we have full control of, we developed our superior natural skin care ranges under the label: Natural by Dezine® being - Essentials - Beauty Bee® Bee Venom and Botanicals.  We blend the wisdom of nature with modern day science, to create balanced skin and body care, dedicated to nourishing your skin and delivering positive results. These are truly beautiful products, no parabens or other nasties, not tested on animals and made in New Zealand, so you can be confident of achieving beauty without cruelty, or causing harm to the enviroment. 

Our Colour by Dezine® Colour Cosmetics range is designed to harmonise with our Colour by Dezine® Personal Colour Analysis system. Our makeup philosophy is based on the principals of our Personal Colour Analysis and each colour in the collection has been especially created to enhance the clients natural colouring, harmonsing with their personal Skin, Hair and Eye Colour, to enhance their natural features. As a high quality colour co-ordinated range, it is designed to cover makeover essentials for every level of client and fits perfectly with the "total beauty" concept that underpins Fran's beauty world. Whether it is artistry make up, a full professional makeup kit or a lippy or two that you are interested in, this range will do a superb job for you.   

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have the most youthful looking skin possible, feel great in your unique and personal colours, as determined by our Colour by Dezine personal seasonal colour analysis system, have beautiful colour co-ordinated cosmetics, plus to complete your "total beauty" look, have your wardrobe makeover reveiw, via our easy to follow personal style analysis. No excuses now, as you have just entered your own "beauty world", via our Wonderful World of Colour. 

As a Beauty for You customer you have the ability to purchase individual products and collections, skincare and makeup kits from basic consultant to professional artistry makeup levels, confident in the knowledge that they are of the highest quality, manufactured in New Zealand, Canada and the USA and in keeping with our absolute requirement that our "beauty world" is a world of beauty without cruelty, through our products not being tested on animals, our skin care being 100% natural, neither having parabens or other chemical nasties, makes it very easy for you to become part of the Beauty for You family, as either a Customer, Consultant, Beauty Bar or Beauty Salon owner.

Our daughter Bonita is the "Face of Beauty for You".  Bonita is a Makeup Artist [does beautiful artistry makeup], Beauty Coach, trained Singer, Burlesque preformer and Burlesquercise NZ Dance Fitness instructor, plus Producer/Marketing and Event Manager.  Bonita has been immersed in the "beauty world" from birth, so no suprise that Fran's passion has passed on!  Bonita is a great sounding board for Fran, assists with our Coaching Academy and you will see her in our training makeup videos. Outside of the 'beauty world" Bonita rides a mean KTM 200exc 200cc two stroke dirt bike motorbike and competes in many outdoor physical events to maintain her aerobic capabilities.

Key Points On Why - Looking Good Has Never Been So Easy 

• You have over 45 Years experience at all levels within the modern beauty world to call on

• You have over 45 years experience in sales and marketing in varying business and social enviroments to help you

• With Unique Products, Systems and Services that actually work in the real world, your investment as either a retail customer or professional consultant is protected 

• Career Opportunities are enhanced, as training through the Coaching Academy in skin care aplication, artistry makeup, colour analysis, and personal wardrobe style, can be beneficial for a number of disciplines in the "beauty world"

• Having adapted many houses and buildings to accommodate both home and commercial beauty businesess, we can offer serious comment on your Beauty for You "total beauty" Beauty Bar concept

• As the name suggests, Beauty for You is a company committed to providing exceptional beauty products for you our Customer and offers you the experience and enjoyment of being part of our Wonderful World of Colour

• Our manufacturers were selected for not just what they can do today, but also for their commitment to maintain ongoing research and developement, so as to remain at the forefront of manufacturing exellence, within the "beauty world"

 Developed, owned and managed by Fran and Neville Muntz

Fran's "total beauty" and compact "beauty world" concept, is the ultimate home or shop within a shop business..........call Fran now she would love to hear from you

Our Promise:

We are 100% dedicated to maintaing the best possible level of quality for both our products and your customer experience

Please don't hesitate to call us at any time - we love our products and want to make sure you love them too.

For enquiries please contact enquires@beautyforyou.co.nz


Looking good has never been so easy



Looking good has never been so easy


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