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White and Soft Pink Pearl Rope

SKU: 83107

    Deleciate White and Pale Pink Pearl Rope - One Only 


    You will ♥ this necklace fantastic long length 44" You can mix with other pieces - A very Feminine Piece - which will be one you reach for often. This long rope can be doubled for shorter version - no clasp - just pop over your head. 



    How Cultured Pearls Are Created

    Cultured pearls are grown under tightly controlled conditions by pearl farmers. Farmers plant a core made up of mussel shell into an oyster or mussel; then the oyster or mussel forms a pearl around this irritant, just as they do when forming natural pearls. Pearl farmers design cultured pearls from start to finish, ensuring they are perfectly shaped and luminous. Once harvested, the pearls are cleaned, and some are treated and bleached before being made into jewellery.


    Pearl Jewellery Care:


    When you are going to wear your pearl jewellery, cosmetics should be applied before and not after the jewellery is put on. Do not wear pearls while carrying out heavy work. Take your pearl jewellery off when they might contact any possible acid or alkali substances including chlorine in swimming pool, hair sprays, perfume, soap… 

    Some fabrics, like Shetland wool, are rough enough to scratch the pearls. Try to avoid wearing pearls with those fabrics.

    After wearing, clean your pearls with a soft cloth that has been dampened in clean cool water (distilled water is suggested, for it doesn’t contain too much mineral substances which can deposit on the surface of pearls and weaken the pearl lustre). When not worn for extended periods, at regular intervals, the pearls should be wiped with a soft cloth dampened in clean cool water. 

    Do not use any brush or detergent excepting for pearls-cleaning use only to clean your pearl. Brush can scratch the pearl. Detergent may eat off the nacre of pearls.

    Storing and Caring 
    Store your pearls in jewellery pouches, cloth bags or jewellery box. Keep them separated to avoid scratching. Pearls contain 2~4% combined water. Store them in a cool and a little bit humidity condition, heating source or sealed plastic bags which can make pearls dehydrated and become brittle, will be not good for pearl storing. 

    The string or glue of pearl jewellery can get dirty or weak with time. Take your jewellery to jewellers for periodical restrung or fixed.


    Fading and other colour changing              
    The colour of some pearls may fade or change when exposed to strong lights. In these cases, your pearl jewellery should not be exposed to strong natural and artificial light or to strong display lighting for an extended period of time. 

    With good wearing habits, and proper care, high quality pearl jewellery can keep their beauty for more than decades.

    High quality pearl jewellery, designed for you or your someone special, make it a lifetime jewellery and enjoy its beauty for years to come. ♥



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